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Hemp Media

Hemp Media

Creating all Your Branding Needs 

Digital Media: Pod Casts, You Tube Videos, Interviews, documentaries, infographics, Instagram, Facebook, News letters, online Magazines,  online brochures, consulting for branding, Interior design, consult architecture predesign.

Hemp Media was born out of the need for the industry to have a clear voice and to be heard on all media platforms for various budget levels.

Startups, family businesses and corporations all need branding and digital media to move their businesses forward. They need to look at all aspects of their products and services to have a consistent  image aiming at their target market. Many business do not know who their target market is.

We are a group of people committed to sustainability and the environment that just happen to be very experienced in multiple areas of media, production and promotion.

Our team have various ages and specialised experiences in a variety of areas. They are not latte swirling, city, coffee drinkers but are well travelled experienced people in their fields with a sense of consciousness for this planet.

Each member of the team are fully committed to the global movement to making this planet healthier for their families and the next generation. This is evident in the jobs they have done:


Director of Photography/Editing for Large Scale Docos and Films 

Cameron attended the 1st Hemp Conference in Geelong and is connected with many people in the industry. He is a Director of Photography and has been nominated for a Golden Globe award in the USA.  He has filmed nearly every major musician globally and others including Elon Musk’s driverless truck in LA and recently Ellen DeGeneres in her 1st standup in 20 years. He has shot a doco in the danger areas of the Middle East refugee Camps and a Doco series around Australia for the BBC plus many series for Cable in the USA.


Design Consultant

Sienna has a BA in Architecture and studied Permaculture and is working for a global sustainable firm. She designed a multipurpose building that heals, with the interior made from hemp for her Masters in 2019 and this was influenced from a Hemp building work shop she did a few years ago.

She is a social media influencer with her own page in apparel and wants to educate people towards a more natural hemp range and slow fashion.


MultiMedia and Film Director, Pod Casts and YouTube Videos                                   

Jackson is a young committed filmmaker who started his own film company at 17 years old making promo films for all the local country businesses.

He had his own radio show in Apollo Bay and his creativity in film & graphics has won him a scholarship to Swinburne Film and TV school.  Jackson can interview and film you for any event or create your platform for social media, pod cast or YouTube.



Suz is a journo who ran the Cairns newspaper for 10 years and worked in the rural outback and a major Sydney Newspaper. She is very experienced in writing and understands country people and their needs. She is 100% committed to understanding the need to promote hemp and its uses and saving the planet. She can write in any style to fit the needs of your company.


Packaging and Design Consultant   

Kaz has been a Senior University lecturer around Australia in Advertising and Media and is a consultant on many projects regarding the environment, sustainability and branding. She is doing her PhD in this area.

She is also a highly experienced graphic designer and illustrator of botanical art. Anyone that knows their wines may remember the famous brand Windy Peak by De Bortoli. Her illustrations of the vineyards branded that award winning label.


Journalist/ Soc Media/ Marketing    

Sergio is our multi media and fashion consultant. He has a degree in Communications and has worked in the apparel industry and for 3RRR radio.

He is very committed to seeing hemp move forward as a sustainable product.


Magazine Media Consultant                      

Rob is an experienced writer and editor of several online and industry magazines. He has experience promoting in social media, digital media and industry expos world wide.  

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