What does Hemp Block Australia do? 

HBA supplies interlocking load bearing hempcrete blocks. The associated system is easily integrated into existing building practices without the need for specialist skills or equipment. Blocks are light, fast and easy to install. No mortar is required, resulting in 70% less construction time when compared to other building materials.  
They also provide quality lime render and standard hempcrete blocks which are placed with a lime mortar in a standard masonry method. These come in thicknesses of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm.
HempBLOCK Australia blocks are independently tested and code compliant with high insulation and acoustic values and are fire, pest and mould resistant. Completed walls can be rendered straight after construction finished with cladding, or plasterboard lining.

They provide architects and builders in Australia, New Zealand and the USA with products, design and engineering services. 

For more details: 
www.hempblockaustralia.com or call Johan on 07 54942210 or 0416331008 Email Johan@hempblockaustralia.com 

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